Representation in courts

Lawyers of UNITED Law Company successfully defend the companies’ interests in the courts of all levels and jurisdictions. We provide qualified legal assistance, support and evaluation of the prospects of trials in the administrative and economic courts. You can trust us to take conduct of case of any complexity with no fear for the result. Regardless of the complexity and intricacies of the upcoming trial your organization is involved in, we guarantee advertence to all the circumstances of the case. Our experience and expertise are the key to our success in dispute resolution. We strive not only to win the case, but also to enforce the judgment. Economic disputes: Our firm’s litigation and arbitration practice has successfully completed dozens of cases. We have considerable experience in representing our clients in economic courts of all instances. The subject matters of the disputes included debt collection, bankruptcy cases, enforcement of obligations under the contracts, appeals against actions of the government officials and many others. We provide the following services:

  • representation in economic courts;
  • representation of the creditors in the bankruptcy proceedings;
  • participation in negotiations on the dispute settlement and in conciliation procedures
  • assessment of the prospects for debt collection and search for assets;
  • development of an efficient strategy for debt collection or judgment enforcement;
  • facilitation in injunctive relief.


In Ukraine, the company in its activities regularly encounters the unlawful resolutions of the government authorities.

With the extensive experience in the administrative dispute resolution, UNITED Law Company represents the companies in:

  • appeal against the imposition of administrative penalties and financial sanctions (STS authorities, AMC, etc.);
  • appeal against the resolutions on employment or dismissal from the civil service;
  • appeal against the resolutions on the state registration of business entities;
  • invalidation of tax assessment notice (STS authorities);;
  • cancellation of the resolutions of the government authorities and local governments;
  • indemnification for damages caused by unlawful actions, resolutions or inaction of the government authorities or their representatives.

We guarantee provision of quality services, as well as we bear full financial liability for the results of our work.

Representation in courts

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