Legal services in Ukraine

To represent your interests UNITED Law Company provides the following types of legal services in Ukraine:

1Company Name Search

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Registry Extract
Profile ReportProfile Report
Due DiligenceDue Diligence
Deep Background CheckingDeep Background Checking
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2Due diligence of the legal entities in Ukraine

1.Reality check of the legal entities  includes check of the company indicated by you for:
Registered address and availability of real office;
Staff officially employed;
Availability of warehouses and production facilities;
Vehicles and equipment;
Company’s operation — i.е. carrying out in reality the activities reported to you;
2. Check of constituent and other documents of the company in Ukraine:
We request and check the documents of the company specified by you for its legitimacy through the registration authorities of the selected jurisdiction and registrars. The list of documents is not exhaustive:
Memorandum and Articles of Association;
Certificate of Incorporation;
Certificate of Registered Office Address;
Certificate of Good Standing (GS Certificate);
Certificate of Incumbency (Certificates of Directors and Secretary);
Тax registration number of the company;
VAT-payer registration certificate;
Availability of the company in the registers, black-lists, dormant-lists, timeliness of the company’s reporting;
Other documents of the company.
3. Verification and validation of the legal capacity of a legal entity:
We confirm or rebut the existence of the licensed and other activities carried out by the individual or legal entity specified by you, including:
law practice**;
accounts and records** (accounting, audit; Example — CCA);
Authority to sign the document by the indicated person;
Other documents vesting rights in or restricting the rights of the individual or legal entity to some extent.

3Negotiations with the partners in Ukraine

Negations or support in negotiations with the partners in Ukraine: After the potential counterparts have been selected and after the companies indicated by you have been checked, our company will offer you the most efficient options for interaction or cooperation with the foreign partners. To do this, we hold preliminary consultations by phone or personal meetings with representatives of the foreign company, focusing on the goals and objectives to be set by you in the preliminary discussion on the matter.
This approach enables to negotiate rationally, without wasting time on those companies that do not meet your requests, interests, or are not suitable for any other reason.

Moreover, we offer a simple mechanism of actions or step-by-step strategy, guiding the relations in the right direction, templates of the required documents (applications, contracts), as well as the addresses of the required authorities and organizations for further cooperation, while continuing to provide you with support.

4Support in the contract execution

Check of the correctness and timely execution of the contract by the Ukrainian partner, agreement with the Ukrainian partner.
Legal review of current documentary turnover with the Ukrainian counterpart (including customs documentation).
We are ready to carry out full monitoring of the obligation performance by your Ukrainian partner. In our experience, implementation of import operations with foreign companies requires a special control over the conformity of a complete set of cargo to the contractual terms at the time of its transfer to the shipping company, as well as a thorough check of the payment and customs documents. Even a small error in the customs bond may cause considerable problems at crossing the border, or impossibility, for example, to compensate taxes etc.

5Company’s representative office in Ukraine

The organization and legal support of your company’s representative office in Ukraine, a mini representative office, a virtual office, involves a full range of legal services, including translation and summary of the basic and essential legislation for the representative office’s jurisdiction for the company’s management and monitoring of the laws of the representative office’s jurisdiction.

6Overseas personnel recruitment and check

Overseas personnel recruitment and check also involves organization of the work with the temporary personnel and overseas recruiting and staffing companies

7Technical opinions from the Ukrainian specialists

Acquisition of Legal OpinionLegal Opinion Technical Opinion, examinations by the specialists and expert evaluations of other types.

8Pretrial arrangements

The entire set of actions on pre-trial arrangements with the Ukrainian partners.

9Special tasks or special cases

Aimed at meeting our customers’ needs to the greatest extent possible, we offer you the opportunity to generate a task that best meets your goals. Let’s discuss the details by means of a secure correspondence or private online conference. Certainly, it’s our pleasure to meet you in our office by prior arrangement or negotiate the issues via Skype.

Legal services in Ukraine

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