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1What I actually get on the free consultation?

Initial legal advice, as a rule – for free. As a result, you get: a consultation on the composition and value of services, including packages of legal support, the general answer to your question, a brief assessment of the situation, the board for your further actions described your situation, bring a similar example in the case of need, the provision of legal texts and regulations templates simple documents and contracts as well as the judicial practice on a given issue.
Free legal consultation is by appointment only.

2How confidential are our services?

We sign a confidentiality agreement with which you can get acquainted by contacting our office.

3What the difference between free and not free consultation?

First of all, we previously examine your documents and more detail – compare to legislation and jurisprudence, which relating to your question and already on the consultation you receive an extract from the text of laws and other regulations affecting on the situation, to bring similar example of judicial practice on the question asked, showing the possible impact on the future prospects of the situation.
And the most important thing: we provide a simple outline of action or turn-based strategy, leading the situation in the right direction, the templates of the necessary documents (applications, contracts), and addresses of the necessary bodies and organizations for further cooperation.
Paid consultation is by appointment only. We ask you in advance to provide the necessary documents for the analysis of the situation.

4How could I get on the free consultation?

Please contact our office any convinint way for you:
1. Call
2. Make a call back. We will call you back almost instantly.
3. Top left – link “call on Skype” from your computer.
4. From the menu, you can book a consultation and we will contact you the next working minute.

5Why we’re better than others?

1. We’re good at what we do or do not do it at all. We have a narrow specialization.
2. We understand that the customer needs necessary arrangements how to do, rather than explaining why you can not do.
3. We understand how and what schemes the business operates.
4. Always offer an alternative or a different solution.

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